Tap Kids
Tap Kids (2007)



Years Active

September 2006 - May 2007

Associated acts

J.J. Express, Kitty Jr.

Tap Kids was a Johnny's Jr unit considered a spin off of J.J. Express and often perform in tandem with or to introduce J.J. Express.

Background Edit

It was uncertain at this point whether they are still considered a part of the bigger group, as they are always photographed separately and have stopped appearing in J.J. Express photoshoots. Their specialty is tap dancing, though the distinctive tapping sound is prerecorded.

Members Edit

Trivia Edit


Initial 3 tap kids (2006)

  • Tap kids first appeared in Potato Magazine in September 2006.
  • The unit was usually grouped with Kitty Jr.
  • Both units stopped appearing in photoshoots after the formation of temporary Hey! Say! 7
  • Yamada Ryosuke was also considered to be part of this unit at one point.
Duet 07 (2)

Often grouped with Kitty Jr.

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