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Kikuchi Fuma

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Kikuchi Fuma (菊池風磨) is a member of Johnny's Entertainment group Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow. He and Nakajima Kento are one of the original B.I.Shadow members. He is currently going to debut with B.I.Shadow member Nakajima Kento and other Johnny's Jr. members in Sexy Zone.


  • Name: Kikuchi Fuma (菊池風磨)
  • Nickname: Fuma
  • Birthday: March 7, 1995 (22)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 176cm (5'9 ft)
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Admired Sempai: Sakurai Sho, Yabu Kota .
  • Skills: Swimming, Baseball, Karate and Singing
  • Hobby: Rap, Guitar
  • Favorite Food: Meat, Hamburger, Eggs
  • Dislike: Cherry tomatoes
  • Favorite Color: White
  • Favorite Anime: "Doraemon"
  • Favorite Song: "Kitto Daijoubu" (Arashi), "36°C" (TOKIO), "BLUE TUESDAY" (KAT-TUN).
  • Favorite Subject: English, Physical Education
  • Johnny & Associates Group's:


He joined B.I.Shadow with Nakajima Kento, and Takahata Misaki while filming for Scrap Teacher. He acted with Nakajima Kento, and Takahata Misaki in Scrap Teacher. In 2009, it was announced that Kikuchi and the rest of the B.I.Shadow members would debut with Nakayama Yuma as Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow

Singles Participated InEdit

Nakayama Yuma w/B.I.ShadowEdit

NYC BoysEdit

Sexy Zone

  • Sexy Zone (debut single)
  • Lady ダイヤモンド
  • Sexy Summer に雪が降る



  • [2008] Scrap Teacher (as Kusumoto Fuma)
  • [2012] Mirai Nikki -ANOTHER:WORLD- (as Kosaka Ouji)


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