Johnny's Entertainment, Inc. is a Japanese music and film company owned by Johnny & Associates. It was established in 1997. KinKi Kids were the first under this label and were alone for a while. Later more and more units and artist from Johnny & Associates were put under this label.



Solo works/SubunitsEdit

Temporary/ Special UnitsEdit

Johnny's Jr.Edit


Other ReleasesEdit

  • Johnny's Fantasy KYO TO KYO '97 Natsu Kouen (1998.01.01)
  • Johnny's Jr. Sugao <VHS> (1998.07.29)
  • Johnny's Jr. Sugao2 <VHS> (1999.09.22)
  • Johnny's Jr. Sugao3 <VHS> (2001.02.14)
  • ジャニーズJr. 特急・投球コンサート 10月9日東京ドームに 大集合!! (2000.02.25)
  • PLAYZONE 2009 Taiyo Kara no Tegami <Album> (by Johnny's Jr.)
  • PLAYZONE 2009 Taiyo Kara no Tegami <DVD> (by Johnny's Jr.)
  • PLAYZONE 2010 ROAD TO PLAYZONE <Album> (2010.07.28)
  • ROAD TO PLAYZONE <Single> (2010.08.18)
  • PLAYZONE 2010 ROAD TO PLAYZONE <DVD> (2010.11.10)
  • Shounentachi ~Koushi Naki Rougoku~ <DVD> (2011.04.13)
  • PLAYZONE'11 SONG & DANC'N. <Album> (2011.07.20)
  • PLAYZONE'11 SONG & DANC'N. <DVD> (2011.11.02)

Original SoundtracksEdit

  • Kurosagi The Movie (2008.03.19)
  • Sushi Oji (2008.04.30)

Other Labels owned by Johnny & AssociatesEdit

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