Also known as

Universal Boys, HiHi Jet + 東京B少年



Years active

January 2017 - Active

Associated acts

HiHi Jet 東京B少年

HiHi B少年 is the name of the temporary combined unit of HiHi Jet and 東京B少年 members for JOHNNY'S ALL STARS ISLAND.


HiHi Jet:

Member Colour
Hashimoto Ryo Dark Blue
Inoue Mizuki Purple
Igari Soya Indigo
Takahashi Yuto Lime Green


Member Colour
Fujii Naoki Green
Iwasaki Taisho Yellow
Nasu Yuto Blue
Sato Ryuga Red
Ukisho Hidaka Orange
Kanasasi Issei Pink


Inoue Mizuki explains the name and the combination of the two units and the name Universal Boys on Shounen Club on February 8th 2017. The unit was later renamed to HiHi B少年.

 Works Edit

Stage Edit

  • JOHNNY'S ALL STARS ISLAND (2016 December - January 2017, Imperial Theatre)
  • Johnny's Ginza 2017 (April 29 - May 5, 2017)
  • JOHNNYS 'YOU & ME ISLAND (September 6 - 30 September, Imperial Theatre) 

Music program Edit

  • Shounen Club (2017 - present, NHK BS premium )

 Discography Edit

  • HiB HiB Dream 

Gallery Edit

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