Classmate J was a six memeber Johnny's Jr unit. This unit disbanded in December 2016.

Classmate J
Classmatej current

Years Active

January 2016 - November 2016



Associated acts

HiHi Jet, Tensai Genius

Background Edit

Originally Classmate J was a group of six people, Iwasaki, Takahashi, Imano, Matsui, Sasaki, Wada, but Matsuo, Igarashi and Fujii were added in 2016 with the appearance to "Johnny's Ginza".

There was often a lot of confusion to how many members were in this unit (although the there were 6 core members, the group had either 5 or 7 throughout the year) Classroom J members often interchanged with HiHi Jets members.

During テレビ朝日・六本木ヒルズ 夏祭り SUMMER STATION on July 14th, HiHi Jet became HiHi Jets and original Classmate J member Takahashi Yuto moved into the roller skating unit. After HiHi Jets reduced it's members back to 4, Takahashi became one of the four permanent members instead of returning to Classmate J.

Sometime during November - December 2016, the group disbanded. Fujii Naoki and Iwasaki Taisho moved to 京B少年 and the remaining four boys are now back dancers. Their last performance on The Shounen Club was "It's SHOWBIZ!! (愛の手紙)" (as four members, as Fujii and Iwasaki preformed with 京B少年).


Current Members: Edit

  • Iwasaki Taisho (Moved to 東京B少年)
  • Konno Taiki 
  • Yuki Wada 
  • Matsui Minato
  • Sasaki Taiko 
  • Fujii Naoki (Moved to 東京B少年)

    Original six members of Classroom J.

Former Members Edit

  • Takahashi Yuto (Moved to HiHi Jets
  • Igarashi Reo (Moved to HiHi Jets
  • Suetake Yukihiro
  • Matsuo Ryu

Works Edit

Music Program Edit

  • The Shounen Club (2016 - present, NHKBS )

Stage Edit

  • Johnny's Ginza 2016 (April 29, 2016 - May 1, Theatre Creation )

Concert Edit

  • Samastesty Johnny's King [ Mr.KING · HiHi Jet · Classmate J] (20th July - 28th August, EX Theater Roppongi )

Trivia Edit

  • Songs that Classmate J preformed on The Shounen Club included:
    • WORLD QUEST (NEWS), Ride with Me (Hey! Say! JUMP) and 明日に向かって
  • Classmate J often preformed with HiHi Jet and 天才Genius
  • Classmate J and 天才Genius disbanded around the same time.
  • After the group disbanded, Konno Taiki, Yuki Wada, Matsui Minato and Sasaki Taiko often backdance for Universal Boys