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Single by Hey! Say! JUMP
Regular Edition Cover

Released February 5, 2014
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD
Recorded 2014
Label J Storm
Producer ?
Hey! Say! JUMP Singles Chronology

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Next: Weekender / Asu e no YELL 13th Single

"AinoArika/Aisureba Motto Happy Life" is the twelveth single by Hey! Say! JUMP, that will be released on February 5, 2014. It was released in four versions: a limited CD+DVD edition 1, limited CD+DVD edition 2, limited CD edition 3, and a regular CD-only edition


Regular EditionEdit

  1. AinoArika
  2. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  3. Oh! My Jelly! ~Bokura wa OK/Hey! Say! 7
  4. Sugirusetsuna (スギルセツナ)/Hey! Say! BEST
  5. Aino Arika
  6. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  7. Oh! My Jelly! ~Bokura wa OK (original karaoke)
  8. Sugirusetsuna (スギルセツナ) (original karaoke)
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Limited Edition 1

Limited Edition 1Edit

  1. AinoArika
  2. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  1. AinoArika (MV + making of)
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Limited Edition 2

Limited Edition 2Edit

  1. AinoArika
  2. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  1. Aisureba Motto Happy Life (MV + making of)
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Limited Edition 3

Limited Edition 3Edit

  1. AinoArika
  2. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  3. Sakura, Saita yo
  5. Aino Arika
  6. Aisureba Motto Happy Life
  7. Sakura, Saita yo (original karaoke)
  8. OUR FUTURE (original karaoke)

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

MonTueWedThuFriSatSunWeek RankSales
- #1
#1 207,469
#9 #9 x x x x x #11 14,672
x x x x x x x #24 4,540
x x x x x x x #50 2,369
x x x x x x x x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: 229,050*

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